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MailCon, Email Marketing Conference


Roman Fadeev will speak about the application of the law on personal data protection and the cross-border transfer of such data, the differences between a reliable User Agreement and a risky one, and also about the regulation of copyright in mailouts and other possible dangers for the email marketing specialist in different legal acts.

Business Breakfast “All You Need to Know About Stock Options”


This Business Breakfast was organized by our company. During this Business Breakfast we discussed the right ways of using stock options to motivate employees, i.e., what goals can be reached, how the conditions should be described, how to set KPIs in a legally correct manner. The topic coincided with the changes in the law introducing stock option agreements and rights to enter into option agreements into the Russian Law.

IT Lawyers Get-Together


This is a regular event hosted by our company with the support of IT-People. Once again members of the legal community and IT industry discussed topical legal issues in the field of information technology, and thought about which legal solutions were of current interest for IT in fall/winter 2014.