Legal support

Many businesses of different scale and field opt to outsource in-house legal support. Large business would generally outsource certain functions of its legal department, and mid-sized and small companies may choose to delegate their corporate legal function in full.

The Legal Jazz team provides full-scale legal support of business processes at any level of complexity and in any required volume. We possess the well-developed expertise in many different areas; we do not take vacations and sick leaves.

We will build up the system of legal support for your business from scratch (if you do not have a lawyer/ a legal department), we are ready to accept a certain part of your legal department functions, or we will totally manage all your legal needs as outside counsels.

When providing the full-scale legal support, we offer an easy and convenient way of cooperation. We will appoint a member of our team (a senior lawyer or a partner) to be in charge of a particular client, to arrange communication on all matters in question and to organize the work of our team in order to manage and solve your tasks effectively. We will use any suggested ways of communication (telephone, email, social networks, messengers etc.) to be ready to discuss any urgent issue.

The main advantage of using outside legal counsels compared to in-house legal departments is the higher effectiveness. We practice in wide range of areas, our team includes professionals specializing in many different fields, and we are extremely interested in maintaining our competences and service quality at the top level, as reputation is the main asset of a consulting firm. Besides, outside legal support is more beneficial economically, since there is no employment tax burden, no obligation to provide proper workplaces, training, vacations and sick leaves.

So arranging outside legal support will be easier than you expect and this will help to make the legal side of your business clear, transparent and foreseeable.