High Tech (IT) and Law

Legal support of ‘high tech’, and, in particular, information technologies, is more specialized compared to support in other areas. Such factors as insufficiency or inconsistency of legal regulation, legal lacunae as for certain phenomena (services and products), and new types of economic and social relations lead to higher risks in the IT field than in any other.

We have extensive experience of IT-projects legal support at different stages and in wide range of areas, such as software and hardware start-ups, large IT-companies, venture capital funds, web-service companies and other businesses. With IT we speak the same language and understand all nuances and needs of the companies engaged in high technology.

For the IT-companies we provide the same variety of legal services, like corporate law, contracts, overall legal support, advisory and analytical services, intellectual property and brand protection, but at the same time, we solve specific problems, such as support of the investment process, business scaling (legal aspects), the identification of services and products in the context of the effective legislation (when it becomes problematic).

As lawyers, when providing legal support to IT-projects, we consider our task to be not only the protection from negative events (intellectual property theft, risks in relations with investors etc.), but also ‘inserting’ the non-conventional cases to the existing legal environment in order to make the project generally possible. And we find this process very interesting and enjoyable.