International Law

In order to provide effective business solutions, it may be necessary to apply not only the laws of the company’s country of residence, but also foreign and international law. This may be required because foreign jurisdictions sometimes offer more flexible and beneficial legal regimes, or the clients (partners) are residents of a different jurisdiction, or the company aims to expand to external markets.

We provide consulting services in the fields of international contract law, investments, building corporate business structures and international tax planning, including:

– international tax planning, advising on taxation matters in the course of external economic activity;

– company structuring and assets protection using the international law mechanisms;

– support of investment projects in Russia and EU countries;

– support of business set-up projects in foreign jurisdictions;

– advising on legal aspects of holding the external assets.

In addition, we provide comprehensive legal support services to international companies using our competences in the area of international law and engaging field experts from foreign jurisdictions when required. Learn about our legal support services in more detail here.

Our client base includes Russian companies expanding to European and international markets, and European companies exploring Russian and/or international markets.