One can hardly find a company that never required legal representation in court. Alas, even if you fulfill your obligations perfectly, there will be a counterparty that will make you resort to public enforcement, or the regulatory authority trying to hold you liable for no reason.

Our firm will help with legal representation of your interests in arbitrazh (economic) courts and courts of general jurisdiction on wide variety of matters, including, without limitation, challenging the decisions on administrative liability, challenging the actions of state authorities, debt recovery, challenging the work performance, service rendering, etc.

We successfully handle different cases in arbitrazh (economic) courts, including, without limitation, challenging the decisions of state authorities, protection of copyright from the violations in the Internet, protection of domain names, legalization of unauthorized constructions, debt recovery in different types of contractual relations, etc.

In the courts of general jurisdiction we generally represent top-managers or owners of our client companies. We have successful experience of participation in inheritance disputes (including challenging of wills, upholding of succession rights), family disputes (property division, alimony claims), housing and other disputes.

No doubt that the prevention of risks (effective legal support ) is always cheaper than dealing with the problems occurred. Anyways, we are always ready to tackle your case. Even if the court hearing is tomorrow and you have no idea about the matter of the suit – we are always at your service. And if you want to bring a lawsuit, we will advise you whether it is advantageous, and if so, we will start working with no delay