Protection against unfair competition

If you run a successful business, it can still happen that your competitors use unfair competition methods to gain advantages at your expense.

For example, to mislead your prospective or existing clients, some companies acting in bad faith can use a company name or a brand similar or identical to yours, similar domain name, or solicit your clients by spreading defamatory information about your company, or use your trade secrets and confidential information.

In such cases, you can protect your interests by applying to the arbitrazh court or to the Federal Antitrust Service; and you will need to submit all the evidence of such unfair acts of your competitor.

At the same time, there are many examples when a company is unable to claim a substantial amount of compensation, or receive any compensation at all due to improper, from a legal perspective, documenting of its assets (e.g., client database, other confidential data, business name, etc.). That is exactly why we always recommend paying special attention to the proper documenting of those, so that in case of a conflict chances of bringing an unfair company to justice would be higher.

Our lawyers have successful experience of representing clients on such cases and holding unfair competitors liable.